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Biz: Casting, Online
9/17/2021: Backstage Buys Voice123. What's It Mean For Voice Over Actors As The Big Get Bigger? By J. Michael Collins
Online Casting: We CAN Control Behavior Of Voice-Over Online Casting Sites - Action Is Crucial Now, by J. Michael Collins
Online Casting: When Bidding For Jobs On Voice Over Online Casting Sites: How To Maximize Your Pay, by J. Michael Collins
8/24/2017: Voices-Voicebank Merger, Part 5 - Voice Over Agents Form An Alliance ... SAG-AFTRA Sees 'Concern' About Sale ... Voices CEO Starts 'Open Letters', by John Florian
8/18/2017: Voices-Voicebank Merger, Part 4 - Voicebank CEO Responds To Concerns About Voices Merger: 'Projects Remain Secure & Private'
8/17/2017: Celia Siegel, VO Talent Manager: 'This Is The New Global Economy' - Adapt
8/17/2017: David Kaplan, Voice Actor: 'Freak Out For A While Till The Dust Settles'
8/17/2017: Kate McClahaghan, Sound Advice: 'Agents Will Use Platform Preferred By Producers'
8/17/2017: Voices-Voicebank Merger, Part 3 - Responding To Change - As Individuals And A Community, You Have Voice And Choice, by John Florian
8/16/2017: Armin Hierstetter, bodalgo: 'Do The Math' ... Speculating Possible Scenarios
8/16/2017: Graeme Spicer, Voice Actor: Need 'United Front With Realtistic Demands'
8/16/2017: J. Michael Collins, Voice Actor - Coach: 'I Suspect This Is Only The First Domino'
8/16/2017: Jim Conlan, Voice Talent, Coach, Producer: 'If Transparency Questions Still Linger ...'
8/16/2017: Larry Hudson, Voice Actor, VO Heaven: 'This Is A Huge Wake-Up Call - Stay Alert'
8/16/2017: Mary Lynn Wissner, VO Casting Director, Coach: It's 'Crowdsourcing Auditions' - Not Traditional Casting
8/16/2017: Voices-Voicebank Merger, Part 2 - Integrating Voicebank And Voices - Speculation Abounds On What's Ahead, by John Florian
8/15/2017: Erik Sheppard, Voice Talent Productions: 'Want Giant, Undeserved Piece of Every Project'
8/15/2017: Roger King, PN Agency: Voices Explored Competing With Voicebank For Agent Biz
8/15/2017: Voices-Voicebank Merger, Part 1 - Voices(dot)com Rocks Voice Over Industry With Voicebank Buyout, by John Florian
8/15/2017: World-Voices Organization Statement About Voices Acquisition of Voicebank
11/16/2015: Online Casting - How Much Are VO Pay-To-Play Sites Really Paying Your? WoVO Demands Transparency
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