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Home Studio: Technology
TECHNOLOGY: AI And Voice Over - Synthetic Voices Advance, But There's Still Nothing Like The Human Touch, by Debbie Grattan
TECHNOLOGY: Is The Golden Age Of Voice Over Gone? Maybe We're In Another: Strategies For The Digital Era, by Debbie Grattan
Localization: How To Prepare To Compete In The Expanding Voice Over Niche Of Localization: Dubbing And ADR, by Steven Renata
Home Studio: Patents Expire For The Popular mp3 As 'Richer' Audio Format Arrives, by Dave Courvoisier
Home Studio: webRTC Offers Real-Time Remote Communication With Your VO Clients Via Internet - Without Software, by Armin Hierstetter
4/7/2014: On April 8 Microsoft Exits XP - What Are You Going To Do? by Bobbin Beam
Voice Over Technology: World-Voices Organization Urges Voice Over Producers And Studios To Look Beyond ISDN, by Dan Lenard
1/29/2014 - 'Wearable Computing'? Almost! Source-Connect Readies Real-Time Connection Via Chrome & Smart Phones, by Dave Courvoisier
Technology: Prepared For Disaster? Think 'What If' And Have A Backup Plan, by Mike Harrison
Home Studio: Traveling Soon? Plan Ahead For Good Internet Connection To Record Voice Overs, by Rebekah Wilson
Technology: Firewalls, Anti-Virus And Computer Security - What You Should Know To Protect Yourself, by Rebekah Wilson
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