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Home Studio: Equipment
HOME STUDIO: Cool DIY Plan - How To Air Condition Your Voice Over Home Studio Recording Booth, by Greg Thomas
Home Studio: When Your Voice Over Recording Equipment Malfunctions, It Can Be A Whack-A-Mole Search For Solutions, by Barry Abrams
Home Audio Studio: Newcomers Want To Know - What's The Best Microphone For Voice Over? by Rob Marley
Home Studio: Eight Ways To Take Care Of - Including USE - Your Voice-Over Condenser Microphone, by Dan Lenard
Home Studio: How Healthy Is Your Voice-Over Microphone? Beware Dust, Humidity, Cigarette Smoke & More, by Dave Courvoisier
Home Studio: The Voice Over Newcomers Guide To Home Studio Audio Equipment, by Simon Luckhurst
Beware: Lightning Can Easily Fry Your Studio - Even If Cables Are Buried. What To Do, by Mike Harrison
Home Studio: To Sweeten The Mix, Here's How An Engineer/Producer Sees The Process, by Erick Gomez
Home Studio: The ISDN Heir Apparent Is ... Well, What's Right For You? by Dave Courvoisier
Home Studio: ISDN Rates And My Temperature Rise - Pulling The Plug For Alternatives, by Bobbin Beam
Home Studio: Love The Sound Of Your Own Voice? Ditch The Headphones When Recording! by Jerry Reed
Home Studio - Choosing The Right Equipment: Confessions Of A Hopeless Gearhead, by Paul Strikwerda
Ask Marc #7 - Home Studio Mixers Have This Reader Mixed Up; Dan Lenard Sorts Through Options, by Marc Cashman:
Home Studio Monitors Are Better Than Headphones To Catch Noise, by Dan Lenard
Home Studio: Voice Over Gear, Quality & Rates - A Correlation? by Dan Friedman
Home Studio: The iPad2 For Voice Over - Cool And 'Green' In Dallas, by Kara Edwards
Home Studio 'Monitor' Speakers: What To Know Before You Buy, by David Goldberg
Home Studio: The Paperless Studio - Why Bother? Save Time & Money (Not Just Trees), by Todd Schick
Home Studio: My Audio (R)Evolution - New Simplicity Improves Audio, by Bobbin Beam
Home Studio Environment: Watch Temperature, Humidity and Dust For Best Performance, by Mike Harrison
Home Studio: What to Buy? Know Your Goals & 'Don't Overthink It', by Dan Lenard
Home Studio Q&A With Dan Lenard: What to Consider, Buy & Why, by Dave Courvoisier
Home Studio Basics: What You Need & How to Choose, by Dave Courvoisier
Home Studio: How Much Money Do You Really Need To Spend On VO Equipment? by Ed Helvey
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