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Home Studio: Audio
Home Studio - When The Voice Over Specs State 'Broadcast Quality' Audio - What's That? Definitions In Flux Are Confusing, by Dave Courvoisier
Voice Over Home Studio: When Your VO Performance Is Spot On, Sound Quality Doesn't Matter So Much? by Ilja Rosendahl
Home Audio Studio: When Your Voice 'Pickups' Don't Match The Original Recording - Prepare For Sound Matching, by William Williams
Home Studio: Bugged By Audio Distortion? Check Your Audio Gain Staging ... Huh? by Jamie Muffett
Home Studio: Ghostly Voice Appears In Playback Of New VO Recording - What Is It? by Mike Elmore
Ouch! Lip Smack Strikes Again. How To Edit It From Recordings, by Karen Commins
Home Studio - Getting It 'Right' Takes Time & Professional Help, by Dan Lenard
Home Studio: 36 Top Sound Effects Web Sites - For When You Need A THWACK! Or ... by Dave Courvoisier
Home Studio: Audio Editing Tips & Tricks To Use Before You Hit SEND, by Dan Roberts
Home Studio: 50+ Sources For Royalty-Free Music, Sound Effects, Looped Tracks & More, by Dave Courvoisier
Home Studio: Tricks For Editing Out Breaths & Other Noises Between Words, by Melanie Haynes
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