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Upcoming Webinars

ATTEND TO LEARN:How to make money in this lucrative nicheTelephony tech formats - and how to use themHow to market to potential clientsHow to figure what to chargeHow to record...
November 11, 2013: Paul Ruben's Online Audiobook Narrator Workshop
ATTEND TO LEARN ...Specific audiobook performance techniquesHow to become a more compelling, competitive and cast-able storyteller in the eyes of potential employersPaul Ruben, the multi-award winning audiobook director / producer...
Dec. 10, 2013: Dan Lenard's Home Studio Wizardry Webinar
Are audio technical problems stealing your time? ... Are mysterious hums, buzzes and clicks invading your recordings? ... Is your 'sound' just not pro enough for your ear ... or...
Home Studio Basics for Voice Over with Dan Lenard - 101 What To Know, 102 Acoustics, 103 Record and Edit
Note: On the "register" form and below, please disregard the date and time. You are actually purchasing recordings, and will receive links to download the recordings upon payment.Thanks!
March 8, 2014: Voice Over Booth Camp, Dallas, with Joe Loesch

Voice Over Business Success eCourse, with Biz Coach and Voice Actor Ron Minatrea
Hands-On eCourse: Videos, WorksheetsPlus 2 Recorded Workshops ... for voice actors who want to treat VO as a businessPresented by VoiceOverXtra and taught by highly praised certified business coach and...
July 9, 2014: How and Why to Increase Your Rates - And How To Get Paid In Advance, with John Melley
Juggling A Day Job And Voice Over, with Ron Minatrea
Audiobooks: Paul Ruben's Audiobook Narrator Self-Direction Webinar
February 26, 2015: What's The Best Mic For Voice Over? with Dan Lenard
April 28, 2015: Your Next Step - Full Time Voice Over, with Larry Hudson
VOICE OVER DEMOS - What Will Get You Work, with Kate McClanaghan and Jeff Finney
Unlocking Your Voice Over Character Vault for Animation and Video, with Elley-Ray Hennessy
Building Your Successful Voice Over Business - Learn To Wear All The Hats, with Ron Minatrea
Update - Or Create - Your Voice Over Home Studio Without Overthinking Or Overspending, with Dan Lenard
Non-Fiction Audiobook Narration Techniques, with Sean Pratt
February 24, 2016: Non-Fiction Audiobook Narrator Marketing & Social Media Promotion, with Sean Pratt
Two Essential Non-Fiction Audiobook Narrator Webinars, with Sean Pratt
April 6, 2016: Ace Your Voice Over Home Studio Acoustics, with Dan Lenard
June 22, 2016: More Essential Non-Fiction Audiobook Narration Techniques, with Sean Pratt
More Non-Fiction Audiobook Narration Techniques (6-22-16) and Online Coaching Audit (7-13-16), with Sean Pratt
Online Coaching for Non-Fiction Audiobook Narrators, with Sean Pratt
Audio Processing for Voice Over: DE-MYSTIFIED, with Dan Lenard
Paul Ruben's UP YOUR GAME Webinar for Audiobook Narrators
Let's Get (VO) Conversational! with J. Michael Collins
Beyond Narration - The Business of Audiobook Creation, with Richard Rieman
Recording & Editing for Voice Over, with Dan Lenard, the Home Studio Master
For Your Health - Be A Voice Over Athlete! with John Melley
Patrick Fraley's 'The Business of Voice Over' Webinar
How To Book Voice Over E-Learning Jobs & Clients, with J. Michael Collins
FAST TRACK Your Voice Over Career - The Straight Story, with Larry Hudson
Constructing Or Enhancing Your Home Voice Over Studio, with Dan Lenard
Audacity Basics - For Recording and Editing Voice Over, with Dan Lenard
Home Studio Construction and Audacity Basics - 2 Webinars, with Dan Lenard
Corporate and Industrial Narration Voice Overs, with J. Michael Collins
Voice Over Work Flow & Analysis, with Tom Dheere
E-Learning: The Buyer's Perspective, with J. Michael Collins and John Kissinger
Unravel TwistedWave - Professional Recording On Mac - And PC! with Dan Lenard
Wearing the Director's Hat - Non-Fiction Audiobook Narration, with Sean Pratt
Medical Narration Voice Overs - Performance & Booking Jobs & Clients, with J. Michael Collins
ADOBE AUDITION - Basics & Beyond for Recording-Editing Voice Overs, with Dan Lenard
Succeed In Voice-Over Online Casting, with J. Michael Collins
Six Ways To Book Voice-Over Work, with J. Michael Collins
Audio Processing for Voice-Over, with Home Studio Master Dan Lenard
Political Commercial Voice-Overs - Book & Perform - with J. Michael Collins
Creating Character Voices, with Joe Loesch
Voice-Over & Audiobook Jobs - When To Take 'Em, When To Pass, with Sean Pratt
Best Ways To Record Voice-Over While Traveling - Tips & Gear, with Dan Lenard
TV, In-Show & Documentary Narration, with J. Michael Collins
Voice-Over AGENTS: How To Get & Keep Them, with J. Michael Collins
Improv Skills for Voice Over, with Rebecca Haugh
Hot Tips for VO Cold Calling: How to Get Response from Voice-Over Prospects, with Brian Doucette
Recording & Editing Audiobooks, with George Whittam
Mastering Audiobook Recordings, with George Whittam
Audiobook Tech Webinars with George Whittam - 1. Recording & Editing Audiobooks, 2. Mastering Audiobook Recordings
Radio Imaging Voice-Overs: Finding Clients & Performing, with J. Michael Collins & A.J. McKay
Commercial VO Delivery Secrets - Coaching: Sorry - All 8 Spots Have Been Filled. Please Join Us To AUDIT - Watch, Listen & Learn
Commercial Voice-Over Delivery Secrets That'll Make Your Head Explode! with Marc Cashman
Gaming & Casino Voice-Overs - Book & Perform, with J. Michael Collins
Non-Fiction Audiobook Narration 101 - Getting Ready To Record, with Sean Pratt
Compelling Fiction Audiobook Narration, with Paul Ruben
Two Audiobook Narration Webinars - Non-Fiction with Sean Pratt, Fiction with Paul Ruben
Masters of the Voice-Over Conversational Read, with J. Michael Collins, Melissa Disney and Scott Parkin
Master 3 Levels of Voice-Over Performance - What Casting Directors Look For, with Joe Loesch
Follow the Money! E-Learning & Corporate Narrations, with J. Michael Collins & Anne Ganguzza
Find Those Clues in the Copy, with Randye Kaye
Voice-Over Online Casting: The Basics & Beyond, with Tom Dheere
Building Your Voice-Over Business For Tomorrow's Landscape: How To Thrive In Changing Times, with J. Michael Collins
Non-Fiction Audiobook Narration Nitty Gritty & Online Coaching, with Sean Pratt
Commercial Voice-Overs - Jobs & Performing, Today & Tomorrow, with J. Michael Collins
eLearning Voice-Overs: The Inside Scoop - How To Get Connected With Clients & Build Steady Income, with John Kissinger
Voice-Over SEO: Everything You Need To KNOW, with Joe Davis
Carpe the Corporate Voice-Over Diem! 2020 Vision for Performance & Income, with Anne Ganguzza
Political Voice-Over Performance Master Class, with J. Michael Collins & Celia Siegel
ROUND 2 - Online Coaching - Non-Fiction Audiobook NITTY GRITTY, with Sean Pratt
ROUND 2 - Audit - Non-Fiction Audiobook NITTY GRITTY, with Sean Pratt
TV Narration & Documentary - Winning Performance Techniques, with J. Michael Collins & Thom Pinto
Your COVID-19 Voice Over Business Rescue BLUEPRINT, with John Melley
The Voice Over DIRECTED SESSION - Set Up & Perform, with Tim Keenan
Masters of Commercial Voice Overs - Learn with J. Michael Collins & Dave Walsh
eLearning Narration for a New World, with Anne Ganguzza
Audiobook Mastery Performance Webinar with Legendary Scott Brick, hosted by J. Michael Collins
The New World of HEALTHCARE - MEDICAL VOICE OVER , with Anne Ganguzza
Commercial & Animation Voice Overs, with Portia Scott - Hosted by J. Michael Collins
Animation & Character Voice Over Webinar, with Pat Brady & J. Michael Collins
Corporate Voice Overs - Think Again! with Anne Ganguzza
Inside eLearning Voice Over 2021, with John Kissinger
Awesome Audiobook Non-Fiction Narration Techniques, with Sean Pratt
Awesome Audiobook Fiction Narration Techniques, with Paul Alan Ruben
Awesome Techniques for Recording & Editing Audiobooks, with George Whittam
Put Yourself in the ACX Driver's Seat, with Karen Commins
Marketing Your Audiobook Narrations, with Sean Pratt
TV PROMOS - Prime Time Pro VO Techniques, with Dave Fennoy and J. Michael Collins
Commercial Voice Over Delivery Secrets, with Marc Cashman
VOICE OVER ONLINE CASTING - Play to Win, with J. Michael Collins
Voice Over Home Studio Series #1 - Construction & Gear, with Dan Lenard
Voice Over Home Studio Series - 3 Webinars, with Dan Lenard
Voice Over Home Studio Series #2 - Recording & Editing, with Dan Lenard
Voice Over Home Studio Series #3 - Audio Processing, with Dan Lenard
What It Takes To Land Voice Over Agents - Two Power Agents & J. Michael Collins
eLearning Voice Over Insider - Recording & Editing Tech Tips & Techniques for Delivering Your eLearning A-Game, with John Kissinger
Narrating Fully Human - The 360-Degree CONVERSATIONAL Experience, with Anne Ganguzza
JOBS: Voice Over & Audiobook - When To Take 'Em, When To Pass, with Sean Pratt
Voice Over Home Studio Q&A Clinic, with Dan Lenard and George Whittam
VOICE OVER BUSINESS STRATEGIES Panel with J. Michael Collins, Maria Pendolino & Brad Hyland
Thrive in VOICE OVER - BUSINESS & MARKETING Strategies Series, with Moderator J. Michael Collins
VOICE OVER MARKETING STRATEGIES Panel with J. Michael Collins, Brigid Reale and Marc Scott
Acting for Narration - Creating Your Competitive Edge, with Anne Ganguzza
How To Stay The Course In A Voice Over Career, with Joe Loesch
Joe Loesch Voice Over Training - 3 Instant Downloads
Commercial Voice Overs - Booking Work - with J. Michael Collins
How To Win More Voice Over E-Learning Clients, with John Kissinger
Combo: Win More VO E-Learning Clients & E-Learning Tech Strategies, with John Kissinger
Voicing Explainer Videos - Reach Your Next Level in Hot Market ... Or Start! with Anne Ganguzza
The Successful Non-Fiction Audiobook Narrator - Performance & Coaching, with Sean Pratt
COMBO - Parts 1 & 2 - The Successful Non-Fiction Audiobook Narrator, with Sean Pratt
The Successful Non-Fiction Audiobook Narrator - Managing Your Career, with Sean Pratt
COMBO - VOICE OVER 2023 - PERFORMANCE & MARKETING Series with Anne Ganguzza & Guests
VOICE OVER 2023 - PERFORMANCE THAT BOOKS, with Anne Ganguzza & Guests
VOICE OVER 2023 - MARKETING THAT WORKS, with Anne Ganguzza & Marc Scott
Taxes, Healthcare & Retirement Planning, with J. Michael Collins & Kelley LeBica
AUDIT - E-Learning Voice Overs, Performance Coaching with John Kissinger
COMBO - E-LEARNING Performance Coaching (Audit) & Marketing Webinars, with John Kissinger
MARKETING For E-Learning Voice Over Jobs & Clients, with John Kissinger
Are You Demo Ready? VO Demo Do's & Don'ts, with Tish Hicks of the VO Dojo
Pat Fraley's Animation / Character Voice Webinar
Voice Over Agents - How To Attract & Partner With Them, with Lau Lapides
PERFORM - IMPROV From Your Home Voice Over Studio, with Rebecca Haugh
IMPROV From Your Home Voice Over Studio, with Rebecca Haugh
Clinic 2 - Stop Passing Over Key Words, with David Goldberg
3 Impactful Clinics - Voice Over Copy Reading, with David Goldberg
Clinic 3 - Say Goodbye To Unnatural Reads, with David Goldberg
Clinic 1 - Eliminate Choppy Reads, with David Goldberg
Sean Pratt - Performance - Non-Fiction Audiobook Narration Achievers
SEAN PRATT TRIPLE PLAY - Performance, Marketing & Career - Non-Fiction Audiobook Narration Achievers
Sean Pratt - Marketing - Non-Fiction Audiobook Narration Achievers
How To Enhance Your Voice Over Career With AI - with Tom Dheere
AI: Your Voice Over Career 'Survive & Thrive' Guide - 2 Webinars with Tom Dheere & Rob Sciglimpaglia
AI: How To Protect Your Voice & Negotiate Best Rates - with Rob Sciglimpaglia
The Commercial Voice Over Delivery Secrets, with March Cashman
Shake Up Your VO Auditions with Multiple Effective Takes, with J. Michael Collins
Parts 1 and 2: Next Level E-Learning VO PERFORMANCE and MARKETING, with Anne Ganguzza
Part 1 - Next Level E-Learning VO PERFORMANCE, with Anne Ganguzza
Part 2 - Next Level E-Learning VO MARKETING, with Anne Ganguzza
The Business of Voice Over, with Rob Sciglimpaglia and Mary Brainard
Inspiring interviews help your VO career
With Sean Daeley and Paul Stefano - check it out!
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