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Dec. 11, 2012: Recording & Editing Audiobooks - Including ACX, with George Whittam & Charles Clerke

If you narrate audiobooks from your home studio ... or want to ...
you can attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Record and edit efficiently and professionally
  • Reduce your production time (thus, expense)
  • Deliver files professionally
  • Produce for the fast-growing Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX)
Plus: Your registration includes a full audio / visual how-to recording, for later review and in case you cannot attend the live session on Dec. 11.

This unique webinar - an online demonstration of best practices for recording and editing audiobooks, will be led by George Whittam (top photo), one of the world's leading voice over audio experts, and owner of VOStudio Tech, a full-service studio consulting company.
Special guest Charles Clerke is expert audio engineer with the new and exciting Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) - the online audiobook marketplace where voice actors bid on narration jobs - and then record those jobs to ACX specs. Charles will review that process.
Following online training, your questions will be answered by George and Charles in a lively Q&A. And remember: Everything is recorded for your later review - and in case you cannot attend the Dec. 11 session live.
Tuition: Just $49. Click here to register now.
Or save $10 with the 'Suite Deal' ... details below.

"We'll cover huge amounts of territory in this intensive two-hour online - and recorded - training," George explains.

"You'll learn how to reduce your production time and increase your hourly earnings on 'finished hour rate' projects, such as those from ACX and many other audiobook publishers."

For instance, you will learn:
  • Setup: From ergonomics to mic position
  • Software: Punch-in capable vs. simple editor
  • Recording: Think like an editor
  • Editing: Think like a listener
  • Mastering: Don't over-think it!
  • Proofing: Don't DIY!
  • Delivery: Workflow for efficiency
Tuition: Just $49. Click here to register now.
Or save $10 with the 'Suite Deal' ... details below.


Based in Los Angeles, George Whittam is the owner of VOStudio Tech - a full-service studio consulting company - and he's popularly known as the home studio consultant to the stars.

He was the personal home studio consultant to the late great Don LaFontaine, and co-founder and designer of the Don LaFontaine Voice Over Lab at the SAG Foundation in Los Angeles. George is also co-host, with Dan Lenard, of the East-West Audio Body Shop (EWABS), seen Sunday nights on Ustream TV.

And he is
the popular teacher of many VoiceOverXtra home studio webinars ...

"George's webinars were really great. Very helpful and informative, and well worth the investment." - Patrick Bonin  

"The webinar was superb! George answered questions I had been trying to find the answers to for years." - Peter Thomas  

Charles Clerke has eight years of experience in the audiobook industry, as audio engineer, director, editor and production coordinator.

"Now in my role on the ACX team I'm able to use my A -to-Z knowledge of audiobook production to help both producers - narrators and studio professionals - and rights holders to navigate the waters and produce great audio," he explains.
Tuition to this Record & Edit Audiobooks webinar is just $49.
Click here to register now, or save $10 with the 'Suite Deal' below ...
Save $10 by also receiving this webinar recording:

Dec. 4: Audiobooks Spectacular - Narration Success & Major ACX Updates
, moderated by Bettye Zoller, with guests top narrator Scott Brick (pictured) and ACX chief Jason Ojalvo. Tuition $49.

Or click below to attend only the Dec. 11 Record & Edit Audiobooks webinar

Date Time Price
12/11/2012 9:00 PM EST $49.00 Register
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