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Dec. 10, 2013: Dan Lenard's Home Studio Wizardry Webinar

Are audio technical problems stealing your time? ... Are mysterious hums, buzzes and clicks invading your recordings? ... Is your 'sound' just not pro enough for your ear ... or for your clients? ... And what future trouble lurks that you don't know about?

Merlin and Harry Potter ... Step Aside.

On Tuesday night, December 10, 2013, Home Studio Master / Audio Wizard Dan Lenard sweeps in with a Home Studio Wizardry Webinar to chase away your tech demons - and to purge your studio of those creepy, evil things that keep you from sounding like the VO pro you are.

Inside tip: Here's how he'll perform this magic ...
  • You're invited to submit a brief mp3 recording sample from your home studio to Dan (details sent upon registration). He will choose many for on-air analysis. Don't want to send a sample? No problem. We'll learn from others! 
  • Bring your questions to the webinar for a lively Q&A that sends our Wizard to online demonstrations of how to fix things and record and edit correctly. 
If you've attended a previous Dan Lenard webinar, you know we'll be treated to his trademark entertaining style that keeps us laughing and engaged.     

Take your problems to the Wizard for just $47  
... including an audio/visual recording of the entire online event.  

And maybe you'll attend FREE!
Register by November 30 to be entered in a drawing
for full tuition refund. Two winners will be chosen.  

Click below to register now. You'll receive mp3 submission details upon registration

Meet the Home Studio Master ...

Dan Lenard is the Home Studio Master, one of the world's leading consultants on voice over home studio audio. Also a veteran voice talent and educator, he helps clients with home studio set-up and problem-solving via Skype, phone and email.

He presents highly acclaimed home studio webinars for VoiceOverXtra and in-person workshops on a variety of home studio topics. And Dan is co-host of the popular Sunday night East-West Audio Body Shop Ustream TV show.

And here's what attendees say about Dan's webinars:

"They say the definition of an expert is someone who can make complicated things seem simple. I have a new definition: Dan Lenard. Thanks so much for your insight and patience." - Doug deNance
"A most informative set of webinars. I learned A LOT while listening in." - Dan Deslaurier
"Great webinar! I had been looking for some instructions on how to better use this software for my VO recordings." - Mal Cameron
"Damn! This is good stuff! I got my money's worth." - Britt Helms Sr.
"The webinar with Dan Lenard was very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was extremely helpful." - Joe Bartholomew
Date Time Price
12/10/2013 9:00 PM EST $47.00 Register
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