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Name: Kelly Moscinski
Company: The Voicecaster Inc
Phone: 818-841-5300
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Upon its launch in 1975, The Voicecaster transformed the voice over industry by streamlining the casting process and elevating the quality of talent options.

Since then, The Voicecaster team has connected producers and ad agencies with the top voiceover talent in Los Angeles and across the country.

Having the largest, most extensive database of Hollywood voiceover actors isn’t the only reason we’re an industry leader. Our ability to know who does what, where they are, and how to direct them into their best performance is what puts us ahead of our competitors.

The Voicecaster casts for union, non-union, celebrity, kids, and foreign languages in all categories of VO including commercial, animation, video games/interactive, industrial, narration promos, and many more. We cast in all parts of the country including (but not limited to): Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.

For voice actors, The Voicecaster team offers:

We pride ourselves in workshops that are not lecture-based but rather have a hands-on approach where we work on copy in every session.

Let our casting team help you define your “signature” and guide you on marketing yourself with our expert direction and production.

Recording Studio
Client requiring a home studio for the session? We’ve got your covered with Source Connect and Phone Patch capabilities. The Voicecaster also offers a special discounted rate for actors!

VO ‘n’ Go Audition Recording
Wish you could get some direction on an audition? Look no further! For only $10 for 10 minutes, you can book time with one of our casting directors who will direct, record, and edit for you!

Virtual VO Workout Group (VVOWG)
Our Virtual VO Workout Group is a great way for actors to get feedback direct from our team of casting directors!

Podcast & Live Events
Kelly Moscinski and Kathryn Horan answer your questions on the voice over industry.

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