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Name: Adil Aliev
Company: VocalBoothToGo
Address: Frederick, MD
Phone: 877-428-6225
Equipment - Home Studio
Equipment - Vocal Booths
Description: specializes in sound absorption acoustic blankets and soundproofing products. The principal concept of this innovative line of products is mobility and efficiency.

The newest product line is a Carry-on Vocal Booth that is a portable booth made out of acoustic blanket material. It is lightweight, can be taken on a plane as carry-on luggage and serve double purpose as a travel bag for recording accessories. The material used for construction allows for a large space inside, and is very durable. Plus, It absorbs 80% of the noise. Details:

Our signature product, Producer's choice Sound Blankets, has earned a great reputation with "people in the know." Each blanket has a double filler of recycled cotton sound absorptive filler, with soft non-shiny fabric on the outside to reduce sound reflections. Details:

Walk-in size vocal booths VB-33, VB-63 and VB-66 are professional quality, affordable, mobile sound booths that can be taken to any location in a regular passenger car, and can be set up anywhere by one person in about 20 minutes. These booths are especially great for use in a limited space such as in an apartment or hotel room. It can be dismantled and stored when not in use. In rental apartments there is no need to drill, or do any damage to the walls and risk a security deposit. To move, just take the vocal booth with you. Details:

Walk-in full size VocalBoothToGo vocal booths are made with a lightweight frame and acoustic soundproof blankets. Double-wall construction provides layered isolation for better sound deadening. Additional sound deadening materials can be added for improved noise control and soundproofing.
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