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Name: Johnna Gottlieb
Company: Johnna Gottlieb Consulting
Address: New York, NY
Phone: 718-768-3511
Training / Coaching
Voice Coach
Marketing Coach
Career Coach
Production Studio
Demo Production
Johnna Gottlieb oversees a one-of-a-kind company in the voice-over industry, consulting on "how to make it in this ultra-competitive, lucrative and exciting field."
From years of in-depth experience at top talent agencies, her distinctive aptitude is two-fold: a talent agent's agility for creating an effective marketing plan, and a mentor's ability to instill clients with the knowledge needed to navigate the voice-over business. This covers where to begin, how to get established, what it takes to make it, and how to stay in the game.
She also works with talent to produce demos, and offers free introductory consultations. In over a decade at top talent agencies, she supplied voice-over talent for many high-profile TV programs, narrations, commercials and audiobooks.
She is on the faculty of two universities: New York University, where she teaches an in-depth course, "Voiceover: Beyond the Booth," and UCLA, for which she teaches an online course, "How to Become a Successful Voiceover Artist." 
Gottlieb also offers free introductory consultation, and is a judge for the "Performer in Animation" category of the Daytime Emmys.
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