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Name: Julie Williams
Company: Voice-Overs.Com
Address: , CA
Casting Service
Casting: Online
Voice Talent Listings
Training / Coaching
Voice Coach
Marketing Coach
Production Studio
Demo Production
Books / CDs / DVDs
Julie Williams is a voice-over veteran in all genres of VO. She has done thousands of voice-overs, including commercials, narrations, audiobooks, games, IVR, Flash presentations, software programs, R/TV imaging, and more. She has taught hundreds of talent how to refine their craft through her live workshops and recorded products. Her CDs, "How To Make Money In Voice-Overs Even if You Don't Live in N.Y. or L.A.," and "Proven Voice-Over Techniques," are available at Williams also hosts additional web sites, including (voice-over forums); www.VoiceOverPodasts (free VO podcasts); and she produces the monthly voice-over online magazine, "VoiceOver Insider."
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