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Name: Dan Friedman
Company: Sound 4VO
Address: Asheville, NC
Phone: 828-551-0891
Training / Coaching
Production Studio
Home Studio Services
The difference is "night and day.” That’s what Dan Friedman’s voiceover students say when they get coaching from Dan. In just one session, you will hear improvement in your voice, your delivery and in the impact and effectiveness of your communication.

"Whether you are a voice actor wanting to sound more like a real person, or a real person wanting to sound more like a professional voice actor … I can help.” – Dan Friedman

Dan can help you improve your delivery and communication … your performance. He can help you with the sound of your voice and how you use it … your instrument. He can teach you how to best capture both your instrument and your performance and produce them into a high quality, broadcast ready production … recording, editing and mixing. There is no other voice coach who can provide you with this level of help and instruction in all of these areas.

Dan has worked professionally for over 20 years as a voice actor, voice director and audio producer and over a decade as a voiceover coach and mentor for actors. He is the Author of Sound Advice – Voiceover From An Audio Engineer’s Perspective. In addition to coaching voice actors, Dan also provides professional voice coaching for business executives, legal and medical professionals, educators and anyone who wants to improve their voice and ability to communicate.
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