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Speech & Diction Aids - Online
AudioEloquence Directory of research and pronunciation websites, categorized by topic and language, plus interactive reference works (human voiced) and (last resort) synthesized voice text-to-speech translators. Free audio pronunciations for vowels and other sounds, in 9 English accents (American, Canadian, British, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Australian, Indian and South African), plus Spanish, French, French Canadian, German, Swiss German, Italian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Japanese, Mandarin and Thai.
Forvo "All the words in the world. Pronounced."
ingolo English pronunciation guide to the names of people, places and stuff
Merriam-Webster Dictionary Look up pronunciations and meanings online - including audio pronunciations for words followed by a red audio icon. Free services include lookups in the Dictionary, Thesaurus, Spanish/English, and Medical sections.
Pronounce Names - The Dictionary of Name Pronunciation An online dictionary of how to pronounce peoples' names
Say How? A Pronunciation Guide to Names of Public Figures Online project of the National Library Service, based on many thousands of records compiled by voice actor Ray Hagen (
The ABC Book, A Pronunciation Guide Online dictionary of acronyms, brand names, corporations and more - featuring pronunciation and brief description. Hosted by the National Library Service.
YouTube Why not? Search videos to hear how others say the word (but don't get sidetracked).
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