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Respondents' Comments To Question #3:
If You Specialize In Narrating Fiction, What Types?

Respondents to the VoiceOverXtra Audiobook Narrators Business Survey - 2015 made the following comments to Question 3. For the accompanying article, please click here.

  • Erotic/sexy
  • Christan romance, Christian novellas and Christian related books
  • Dystopian
  • Western
  • western
  • Western
  • Horror, Zompoc
  • Get in where I fit in
  • Westerns
  • Primarily erotica
  • erotica 
  • horror
  • textbooks
  • Literary Fiction
  • Fiction, general
  • I'll do whatever's offered, with exception of salacious sex or violence
  • Horror
  • historical fiction
  • Will see as my career grows, what else appeals
  • Literary Fiction
  • All genres
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