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Respondents' Comments To Question #7:

How Do You Obtain Audiobook Narration Projects?

Respondents to the VoiceOverXtra Audiobook Narrators Business Survey - 2015 made the following comments to Question 7. For the accompanying article, please click here.

  • I work mostly thru ACX and do auditions, but sometimes get direct commissions from publishers.
  • Through ACX.
  • The one audiobook I did for a client through Voice123 posted my audiobook on without paying me anything, and I was informed there was nothing ACX could do about it because it wasn't done through them. Lesson learned.
  • Through ACX
  • The last 3 have been direct requests from author after hearing demo.
  • Podium Publishing, Blackstone Audio, and Dreamscape all work with me directly. Apart from that, I use ACX.
  • I have regular clients who are producers/publishers.
  • ACX
  • The  majority of Audiobooks I work on have been produced by BeeAudio. I also train UK narrators for BeeAudio and manage their home studio certification course for Audiobook narrators.
  • ACX so far
  • Assigned by non-profit outfit (state services for the blind)
  • In some cases I have built relationships with authors that started with an audition and led to more projects.
  • ACX, but they have problems and do not like. Anymore!
  • The one and only source I've found (so far) for audiobook narration is through ACX. Within the 6 months I've been building my business, I've landed 3 book productions through this site.
  • Many through, others through publishers or being directly contracted by an indie author
  • Currently all of my work is obtained through ACX. I'll be expanding to auditioning for other publishers in the future
  • I am hoping to one day work with a major book publishing company.
  • Via my website, ACX and publishers
  • Word of mouth - also from authors happy with my work and also because I post my projects so a lot of other authors get to know me and request me. Also, some authors on ACX find me by browsing that site for producers. I have been lucky enough to be narrating additional books for five different authors, all who want me to narrate the rest of the books in each series. I auditioned for the first book in each case, and subsequently developed a close relationship with the authors.
  • Acx
  • I have been using
  • Would like to have better commercial avenues
  • ACX
  • Talent agents have very little power in the world of audio books.
  • Volunteer at the State Library
  • ACX
  • I primarily get assigned by production companies or publishers that sometimes ask me to audition for specific projects.
  • I put a profile with samples on ACX and received several offers without auditions. I chose four and recently finished the fourth. I plan to start auditioning for higher paid projects. I had one other book (it was my first 2 years ago and I was paid, but it wasn't published) aside from the book series I'm currently on. It was a book of short stories that I auditioned for on ACX. My current series found me on Elance and I did audition for her, but it was a direct posting to narrators from the author/publisher.
  • ACX
  • ACX, or direct contact with producer/directors.
  • ACX with repeat projects
  • I have just started to try to obtain projects via direct contact with RHs. So far only tried 3 RH. Successful with one (local author).
  • I do not have an agent and am wondering whether I would get more work with one. I am not located in New York or LA.
  • Normally, I'm approached by the publisher to determine my interest in a title. About 1 in 4 times they will also ask me at the same time to provide an audition for the title which they are referencing, and normally this is just to have me signed off on by the rights holder or by the author. I have also NOT been selected after I've shown interest. Most of the time, I'm simply offered a book to narrate, to see if it will fit in with my existing audiobook or on-camera schedule.
  • Most of my work is through ACX, but  have done projects directly for Audible.
  • I have done all of my work through ACX, and I have partnered with a particular author I encountered via ACX.
  • Assigned or audition for author approval from publisher/producer at publishing co. Also mostly from high end independent producers doing union work.
  • I am offered projects via my agent by major publishers. Sometimes I audition for these projects.
  • Talent agent guarantees PREMIUM compensation and contact with the most powerful publishers and authors.
  • ACX
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