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Conquer Voice Over Dialogue Scripts, with Deb Munro - Online Coaching

  • What it takes to be a master of voice over dialogue
  • Dialogue tips and secrets used by top pros
  • How to find the relationships in voice over scripts
  • How to work with other talent on same scripts
  • and much more
No matter what kind of voice over script you receive for an audition or job, there is always dialogue. Even talking to yourself is talking to someone else.

So - let's develop and fine-tune your dialogue skills. Put them to the test
at Conquer Voice Over Dialogue Scripts, a recently recorded VoiceOverXtra webinar led by leading voice over trainer and talent Deb Munro.
This is a hands-on webinar featuring live coaching and training, where you will learn Chef Deb's recipes for dialogue success. Watch, listen, practice, learn.
What you'll learn will work for auditions and jobs at online casting sites as well as for private sessions with potential clients online or in person.


In a multi-character VO session, if you're lucky you will perform with the other talent in person or online. But most often, dialogue spots are recorded separately - so it's YOUR JOB to fill in the blanks - what the other talents are saying and how.

At this webinar you will learn from a coach who tells it like it is to get you quicker results. You will ...

  • Discover what it takes to master VO dialogue to get the job and do it right
  • Uncover secrets from the top pros, that will make your skills stand out from other voice actors
  • Dig deeper than you ever thought you could into your inner talents
  • Learn how to find the people relationships in the copy
  • Work hands-on with dialogue scripts and receive direction
  • Learn best practices for partnering with other voice talents on scripts
  • Connect with others and have fun!
This webinar will truly make a difference in your voice acting.

 Just $49
Click here to master your dialogue skills right now!


Deb Munro is a leading voice talent, actor, instructor, producer, director, speaker and author ... whose passion for voice over is contagious!  And as a VO Chef, she has the recipe for success.
Based in Toronto, Deb presents popular voice over training in major Canadian cities, as well as by phone, Skype and email. With many years of experience in broadcasting, animation, freelance voicing and coaching, she brings students a unique perspective. Deb's voice over work includes live announcing the 2009 Gemini Awards, major corporate projects, TV and game animation, and much more.
Learn how to master your dialogue skills
to win more auditions and please your clients.

Just $49

Click below now for instant download of this recording ...
Date Time Price
5/7/2014 9:00 PM EST $49.00 Register
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